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Hey guys,

Been a while 🙂

I have been working on a lot of new stuff.

Book two I’m still busy writing and oh boy i do believe you guys are gonna love it, my new sub-series “Collective Souls”, I’ve been working on that too, that is a series of short stories on some of your favorite TBL characters so you get to know them better. Book 1.5 Remmie is the first in the “Collective Soul” series, that will be out hopefully (fingers crossed) sometime in spring, early summer…..but make sure you check out my new website for all the latest up to date info on my book(s). I will be doing a promo soon so make sure you keep checking back to see what’s new.


Yours in Ink



Looking for more FB fans……..

Hey all my favorite FANGers….We need more fans…….Yes we do. When we reach 1200 fans on our Tangled Blood Lines fan page we will be releasing and excerpt from Deborah Noel’s character series Collective Souls. I know your all dying for new and this is our chance to see and here something send your friends on over and give us a like. Would be greatly appreciated…much love x0x0 *amy*


Well, Happy New Year to all and i do hope you rang in the new year with great friends and family. I know i did. So 2013 is looking like it’s going to be a fantastic year for Deborah Noel with a couple of projects due out this year. The big one of course is Book 2 in the Tangled Legacy Series….still no release date but when i know one so will all of you. Deborah Noel and several other authors have participated in an anthology called “The Soul Game”, it features several authors and their short stories. Deb’s is called “A Haunted Mind” which is due out in February of 2013 so definately keep your eye out on that one. Updates will be posted on here as well as our facebook fanpage. When i know an exact release date for “The Soul Game Anthology” i will post it here immediately. Deb is also turning “A Haunted Mind” into a full length novel which is due out late 2013 again another novel to look forward to and to keep your eye out for, it’s gonna be a GREAT one. Deb is also working on a sub series to the Tangled Legacy Series called “Collective Souls”. This sub-series is a series of books on the characters of the The Tangled Series whom we love to hate and hate to love. First book in the Collective Soul series is Remmie’s story and that should be out sometime in the early part of 2013, check our fanpage for updates on it’s release. I am so looking forward to 2013 and all it has to offer Deborah Noel and her fans. Thank you for all that you have done, if not for all of you where would we be.

Thanks again for being such loyal, awesome FANGERs…………

admin to “All Things Tangled” eBook still $.99

Good afternoon my fangbangin TBLers………Hope all had a GREAT holiday and i hope you are all looking forward to a FANGtastic New Year. I know we are. Just letting you all know TBL is still $.99 over at so if you dont have it go and get it now is the time before the price goes back up. Also eNewsletter will be arriving in your inbox within the next week or so, so look for that if you havent signed up to recieve the eNewsletter just shoot us an email at and ask to be added and i will add your email address to the list….

Happy New Year to all of you. Here’s hoping for a happy, safe, healthy 2013


Updates for all our FANgers…………….and TBLers alike………

Just wanted to keep you up to date as best we can on wants a happening.

First off, contest on our FB fanpage, once we reach 1200 “LIKES” we will be picking FIVE random winners for these prizes: TBL t-shirt, TBL poster, THREE autographed book marks.  So spread the word and help us out…………we love you guys.

Secondly – amazon, were really hoping to boost our likes over there as well, the more likes we get, amazon will recognize TBL and start recommending it to readers….again, liking, tagging and leaving reviews really helps an author out.

Thirdly – We are working on our End of Year eNewsletter for “All Things Tangled” and we are looking for TBL’s biggest fan, if you think you are that fan then head on over to our FB fanpage and leave me a comment as to why you are, and if you are chosen as the winner you will be mentioned in our End of Year eNewsletter along with a gift of your choice sent to you…………..

Don’t forget on December 15, 2012 TBL’s eBook will be just 0.99 for a full 24 hours so if you don’t have your copy make sure you get it then, TBL has created an event for it and if you leave your order number on our event wall you will be entered for a chance to win a TBL prize, also the more peeps you send over to the event and they tell me you sent me I will be offering a gift to the person who sent the most people over.

FYI – Deborah Noel is also on twitter, deborahnoelauth so by all means come and follow..


Hope you see you guys all………….

Happy Holidays and Happy reading.

Amy – Admin for Deborah Noel

FB event for EVERYONE

On December 15, 2012 Tangled Blood Lines will be 0.99 for a full 24 hours.  If you buy your e-copy of TBL make sure you head on over to our FB fan page and join in the event that has been created.  IF you leave your order number for your purchase of TBL that day you will be entered into  drawing for a TBL gift.  If you send friend’s over to the event and they tell me who sent them there will be a drawing held for the person(s) who sent over the most people.  So come out and join the fun.. And thank you for supporting Deborah Noel with her debut novel in the Tangled Legacy Series.



TBL is now 20% off

Good morning to all our favorite TBLers old, new and future

TBL is paperback is now 20% off and the eBook is @ $2.51.  These would make GREAT gifts for that book lover on your holiday list.

Thank you